Balenciaga introduced it to fashion insiders in 2017, and this year it'll be hitting the high street with aplomb - mark my words, Lilac is back.




I'm aware of how often I talk about Balenciaga on this blog, but with their eclectic mix of streetwear and timeless-traditional, they are swiftly becoming the designer of our generation. Just saying.

Anyway, after Balenciaga re-introduced Lilac back into the fashion palette, I've seen more and more designers follow, including Scandi-favourite Ganni and more recently at Paris Couture Week, Ellery. Jane MacFarland, Wardrobe Mistress at The Sunday Times Style stated in her column last week that while she has only just gotten to grips with millennial pink, it's lilac that fashionistas are currently coveting. And she's right - balanced on the noses of celebs like Adwoa Aboah and Bella Hadid are Poppy Lissiman's lilac-hued sunglasses; while you'd be unlikely to find a style blogger who DOESN'T own one of Ganni's purple mohair knits. Even the beauty industry is on board, with cult brand Glossier coating ALL of their products in their signature pinky-purple sheen.


But how do you pull off such a garish colour? Especially if you're not prone to wearing it, or it reminds you too much of being 6 years old? Coming from a colour-fearing citizen, its easier than you'd think. You could dress it down like Hailey Baldwin with gold jewellery and simple makeup, or follow Emili Sindlev & Bella Hadid by pairing it with tweed; you could swipe Glossier's Gen-Z lipstick across your eyelids a la Courtney Tropp; or copy pastel-queen Maria Bernad with a lilac-on-lilac-on-lilac look. I personally love how (surprisingly) well it goes with coral and nude - if its done right.

I've never been much of a purple girl, no matter the opacity. But suddenly, and this might have something to do with Ellery's pairing of lilac with my two favourite hues of the moment (gold and nude), I'm willing to give it a go. Given, I'll be wearing it in minimal pops, with gold jewellery, camel trousers and maybe even red lips... You know what, fuck it - I might try a full purple-on-purple outfit if the feeling, or price point, is right. If I've learned anything from the Lilac-lovin' big dogs, its to go all in...