...amidst a blizzard.

From left  AW18 Calvin Klein, Matty Bovan, Nicopanda & Moschino

From left AW18 Calvin Klein, Matty Bovan, Nicopanda & Moschino

In times such as these, people should be glad that designers show their collections a season premature. What's usually considered a nuisance - the fashion world scoff at the fact autumn/winter collections are shown when spring is in bloom - is, for once, rather handy outfit inspo. Snow in March? Expect that, we did not.  My iPhone tells me it feels like -10 degrees (which means it is -10 degrees) and I haven't left my house for 3 days, because the last time I did, I slid on black ice in front of people. As for London, a city whose transport system can barely cope with a light drizzle of rain, it is in a state of chaos because SNOW IS ACTUALLY LYING ON THE GROUND, so the trains have stopped and most of us are unable to go anywhere, therefore remaining indoors wearing onesies and 'working' from home. 


But what to do if you actually have to go somewhere? Scrap that, what to wear?


Image: Jonathan Daniel Price for VOGUE

Image: Jonathan Daniel Price for VOGUE

Well, thankfully, snow is not the only thing that has been blown in by gale force Eastern winds. Once reserved for soldiers of the Crimean War, Balaclavas have made a timely comeback. When ever were they 'in', you ask - other than with hooligans, or children sick with mumps in the 1960s? Probably a valid point. Nonetheless, they have graced every catwalk from Gucci to Calvin Klein at New York, London and Milan this fashion month, and all of a sudden they seem quite cool - no pun intended. 

At Matty Bovan, balaclavas appeared in houndstooth knit, while Gucci's were a sort of Harry-Potter-meets-Middle-East turban/balaclava infusion. Chanel had their own offering which was more like one of those plastic rain caps your grandmother used to wear, and Calvin Klein's were alarmingly dystopian, accompanied by high-vis orange jumpsuits fit for the apocalypse. If you must brave the blizzard this March, I recommend you take advantage of this bold, yet functional trend. Dive into your mother's hat basket (they all have one) and dig out the first balaclava you find. If you can jazz it up with a glitzy brooch, or a bouquet of helium balloons, even better. 

And what of the outerwear? Dressing for the cold need no longer be dreary and black. Not anymore! At Burberry, rainbows ruled the runway as Christopher Bailey paid homage to the LGBTQ community in his last collection for the fashion house. Rainbow outerwear also made an appearance at Versace, Dior and notably Fyodor Golan, who looked to old school Swiss skiwear for inspiration. Thus, good news! We can still look forward to wearing colour this spring, just not, you know, in the usual format of florals and light layers. This body-warmer would be more fitting.

But if hooligan-chic or pride warrior is not your bag, for something a little more classic, you might try Jeremy Scott's 'Blue in the Face Jackie O' look, which can be achieved simply by stepping outdoors.